Even though plumbers earn a squillion, you’d be surprised at how often you might need a locksmith. I’d go so far as to say you need a locksmith more than you need a plumber. Even though the one place in your home that you visit first thing in the morning is your toilet, fixing your toilet is much easier than unpicking a lock! The most common reason people call out a plumber is to deal with a leaking toilet at some point and even some of the best toilets leak. Well, you don’t need to (save your money for the locksmith!) and follow these tips on how to fix a leaking toilet:

Check the Cistern

One of the most prominent causes of a leaking toilet is an overflowing cistern. Make a habit of checking it as often as you can. This is one way to ensure that you don’t get caught by surprise.

Get an expert to look at it when it’s overflowing for no reason at all. Fixing your leaking toilet becomes easier when you nip it in the bud.

Try Turning off the Water

What happens when you try to turn it off, but it won’t budge? This means that the ballcock is the one with the problem and should be fixed immediately. Experts advise that replacing the entire set would be more effective.

Flush the toilet when you’re done turning off the water. Use a sponge to suck up the few drops that remain at the bottom.

Do Away With the Entire Assembly

As a homeowner, you’ll have to do this at some point. Your toilet is not always going to be fully functional. Times will come when it’ll just act up for no reason at all.

After checking all the necessary parameters and the problem becomes persistent, replace the entire assembly. Have a certified expert to oversee the whole process, and you’re good to go.

The Flapper

Did you know that your toilet leaks even when the cistern is not full to the brim? This is the part where you check the flapper. A simple testing procedure is to turn the water off at the cistern and wait to see if the water level drops.

If it takes about 10 minutes to drop, the flapper could be a bit too tight. This could prevent water from flowing to the seat, as should be the case. In turn, this water will leak and find its way around the floor of your toilet.

Get a New Flapper

It’s no use working with a flapper that’s already outlived its usefulness. It’s time to shop around for a new flapper with all the right features. When you find the right one, the first step is to drain the cistern.

Flash your toilet to ensure that it’s empty. Inspect your new flapper for any signs of cracks that might hinder your endeavors from stopping your toilet from leaking.

Conduct Frequent Inspections

A toilet is a huge responsibility and must be frequently looked into. Keep tabs on the water flow in and out of the cistern. Get moving as soon as you discover anything that’s out of the ordinary.

Most importantly, keep your toilet clean. You wouldn’t want to wake up to a dirty, flooded toilet, would you?

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